Life as Lincoln follows three Abraham Lincoln presenters who live and impersonate Lincoln in the places that he called home–Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. From each man’s costumed presentations to his ordinary at-home routines, the film unveils the ambitions behind the men dedicated to preserving Lincoln’s memory and the peculiar parallels between Lincoln’s history and the presenters’ lives. Ultimately, the film’s three presenters meet together in Washington, D.C. with nearly 100 other Lincoln Presenters for their annual convention, a celebration of Lincoln’s life and their presenting pastime.

Through moments both moving and humorous, Life as Lincoln breathes new life into the history of our 16th president as these men serve as the guides to Lincoln’s life. Along the way, the film reveals how Lincoln serves as an ever-present touchstone for these presenters, leading each man to his own personal relationship with Lincoln’s legacy and his own unique approach to life.