The Lincolns

Larry Elliott

Larry, vivacious and  spiritual, believes presenting Lincoln is his destiny. With his family rooted in Lincoln’s birthplace of Hodgenville, Kentucky, Larry discovered after several years of presenting that his own ancestor served as the midwife at Lincoln’s birth. After dedicating himself to a career of selling insurance, Larry is preparing to retire and take on Lincoln presenting full-time. Aside from Lincoln presenting, Larry devotes himself to his three G’s: God, grandchildren and golf. Larry candidly presents his own complex life story, from his troubled childhood as a son of a killed Korean war fighter pilot to his tumultuous adulthood and beyond.

Murray Cox

Murray is a quiet-spoken presenter and single foster dad who works at a home for troubled youth. Living in Indiana, where Lincoln spent his formative years, Murray prefers to present at elementary schools, where he often performs free of charge and hopes to instill a sense of Lincoln pride in Indiana’s youth. Murray studies Lincoln rigorously, keeping note cards carefully sorted in files and sometimes making notes from presentations when children ask new questions. It is through these presentations that Murray connects with others and overcomes his own solitary nature.

Lonn Pressnall

Lonn resides in Forsyth, Illinois, just north of where Lincoln’s family first settled in Illinois. As a former academic and theater professor, Lonn had once harbored ambitions of becoming a professional actor and a playwright, but life and family obligations put practicality before creative goals. Now in retirement, Lonn enjoys the simpler things in life, like fishing, poker and enjoying his family and nature. Though Lonn discovered Lincoln relatively late in life, presenting Lincoln has offered him a new opportunity to fulfill his artistic ambitions.

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